[Everything has its special season]

Lately I’ve found myself more and more impatient and concerned with what I’ve perceived as a lack of progress or growth in my walk with God.  I feel that I haven’t been learning a whole lot and I haven’t felt useful.  God’s silence has made me feel uneasy to say the least. I’ve found myself doubting my usefulness, and even wondered at times, if perhaps God was done with me.


Even when I was convinced that God was teaching me perseverance–to which I found myself delighted that I was still actually learning something–it wasn’t long before I forgot the lesson entirely in exchange for more self doubt.  Again I was reminded to persevere.

There’s a Reason for Every Season

I guess I’m also learning that sometimes what we perceive as uneventful and useless is just part of the journey.  If there’s a time for everything then there’s even a time when God says very little. Things may at times progress slowly, but I trust He’s still working.

Will I persevere?  You better believe I will! Does it sometimes feel like discipline?  That it most definitely does,  but somehow I know this isn’t pointless.

I don’t know what awaits up ahead. I can’t see where this is going; and I can’t hear His voice clearly.  All I know for certain is that seasons do change,  and so does the scenery.

“There is a right time for everything.  Everything on earth has it’s special season.” –Ecclesiastes 3:1

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